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Where does it come from and what are they?

Large team game contests of Fort Boyard, France. Started in 1990. Remade in many countries in Europe, North and South America in multiple versions and locations. Highly popular, but almost no chance to be a player and to enjoy. Especially not with your chosen friends.

Computer escape games, Japan and California. Developed since 2005, played alone stuck in your room behind your monitor.

Real life escape games, Hungary, Japan, Singapore, US, UK. Started in 2008 in different forms, but only as events at temporary converted locations. Since 2010 more than 200 permanent places were opened globally including half of those in Hungary.

Players enjoy fun experience

ExitTheRoom is a real life escape game providing the fun of playing with your friends, colleagues, family.

It is an easily accessible program for everybody

It is a unique and enjoyable one hour experience.

It has an unmatchable word of mouth marketing effect due to 99% players satisfaction coming from the uniqueness of the game.

Investors enjoy great profit

Proven successful concept.

Fine-tuned marketing and communication best practices.

Constantly developed business support system.

Low risk investment for franchise partners.